Toyota Festival 2015

Toyota Festival 2015

Once again the annual Toyota Festival reared its head down for a weekend filled with all sorts of beautiful looking Toyota’s. The venue was chosen as the usual Hampton Downs race track which provided ample parking, a skid pan and a race track. The quality of cars showing up was amazing with some absolute gems appearing out of the woodwork.

Not much to ramble on about other than it was a scorching two days of amazing cars, lovely people and a perfect atmosphere!


Feel free to comment and share guys 😀

More images below:

_MG_3660 _MG_3669_MG_3723 _MG_3691 _MG_3659 _MG_3652 _MG_3729 _MG_3728_MG_3715 _MG_3724_MG_3717 _MG_3720 _MG_3725 _MG_3713 _MG_3712 _MG_3711 _MG_3708 _MG_3709_MG_3704 _MG_3647 _MG_3604 _MG_3609 _MG_3610 _MG_3645 _MG_3698 _MG_3697 _MG_3692 _MG_3689_MG_3706 _MG_3707_MG_4032-2 _MG_4044-2

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